The butterfly is a symbol of transformation – the humble caterpillar slowly changes into a beautiful butterfly. Transformation is the heartbeat of the House of Miracles. Before the House of Miracles itself was transformed into a residential recovery center for chemically dependent women, it was an infamous bar and drug house. Now, women who enter the House of Miracles have the opportunity to transform their lives from the pain and suffering of active addiction to freedom from mood-altering substances. Once abstinence is achieved, the rewarding practice of recovery and personal development can begin.

When a woman is completely ready to dedicate to a new life of recovery, the tools and resources to help support that new path are available at the House of Miracles. They include:

  • A safe, drug and alcohol free environment
  • Personal acceptance and support from the staff
  • Honest feedback from the staff and fellow residents
  • Support of other women
  • Practice of the 12-Step spiritual recovery model of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous
  • Responsibility and self-support through employment and community living
  • Education and guidance from those practicing successful recovery in their own lives

The miracle of transformation from active addiction to the practice of successful recovery takes place daily at the House of Miracles.



How to enter the House of Miracles

A woman seeking entry into the House of Miracles recovery program can contact the Director to see if her needs and goals are a good fit with the House of Miracles program.

Living at the House of Miracles has allowed me to turn my life around and to live a life I never dreamed possible.


The love and support I’ve found at the House of Miracles is making all the difference in my recovery.